Our Approach


Our approach is to help identify individual’s key differentiatiors in their life to achieve highest goals. using our specially designed framework to identify strengths and weaknesses about individuals. Based on actual data and statistics we continuously keep redesigning our said framework to make it more accurate and relevant.

Evolution of Data

No this is not “Theory of Natural Selection” .Yeah! species only don’t evolve, machines also evolve, and the main logic behind evolution of machines and species is that they transfer their knowledge (Data) from one generation to next generation by using various techniques. We also adopted same logic to develop our framework to identify true and more relevant way to get definition of success and how to get succeed! However you will find millions of peoples and books telling you true path to success, but hang on, this one is different.

Why Augmented Self Coaching ?

Dont you believe in self coaching ? have you wondered about your grasping power ? It makes sense that the word grasp means understanding a concept since you are “getting a hold of an idea” just as you would grasp something tangible to hold. Grasp is good for when you’re talking about comprehending the scale of something, or the full picture of a multi-faceted problem or idea.However if think you are not an good reader and a good listener and cant read people,situations and anything around you,you are here reading this means that you have willpower to change yourself and you have admitted fact that something is missing in you that blocking you to become a successful person that you define !

We added “Augmented” since we have designed a system in a way which is dynamic in nature and will keep itself updated unlike other “Read Only ” material you can find on internet ! Dont worry this is not an “AI” which will someday starts writing its own language and starting to communicate with other “AI”.

1) The Time and Money Factor

Sometimes, coaching isn’t realistic due to lack of finances, lack of time to dedicate to the process, or a need to see immediate results. In these situations, you may be able to benefit from augmented self-coaching. Which is taking control of your own actions through targeted, conscious thought and planning to create the results you want.

2) Its Free !

Although well worth the expense if you have a coach who effectively pushes you to learn more about yourself and make decisions to support your goals, coaching can be expensive. If you can self-coach to get the results you want, you can avoid some of those costs.

3) Your Life ,Your Rules !

It will be very embarrassing if you get to know one day that ,you are dependent on somebody else  for taking your things done and taking your own decisions.This is like “Hiring” a brain to take control of your life and decisions, which can affect your self esteem and confidence.

It’s time to start making better choices! Try something different today. Don’t stay stuck, do better

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